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Discover select initiatives on our Projects page, each aimed at enhancing Jonathan Dickinson State Park. While targeted donations allow you to support specific causes and see their direct impact, general contributions provide essential flexibility, enabling us to allocate funds where most needed. With no paid staff, every dollar you donate is invested back into the park, supporting a range of vital needs and ongoing conservation efforts.

Pine Grove Playground Restoration

UPDATE: Funding Goals Achieved!

We're pleased to announce that we've reached our funding goals for the Pine Grove Playground Restoration Project, thanks to a generous $10,000 donation from a local family. This contribution has enabled us to order all the necessary replacement parts, and restoration work will begin shortly.

Located next to Pine Grove Campground, this playground has been a favorite spot for families but was closed due to safety concerns. With the funds now secured, we're upgrading it with modern, safe play structures that ensure it remains a cherished part of Jonathan Dickinson State Park. We're excited about the playground’s renewal and the enhanced experience it will offer to our visitors. Thank you to everyone who supported this project; we can't wait to welcome you back to the new space.

Goal: $10,000.00
Collected: $10,000.00

Hobe Mountain Observation Tower

The Hobe Mountain Observation Tower at Jonathan Dickinson State Park, the highest point in South Florida at 86 feet, is closed for a major restoration. This iconic structure requires a complete overhaul to meet safety standards and enhance the visitor experience. Our vision includes a new tower that offers unparalleled views of the park, the Intracoastal Waterway, and the Atlantic Ocean, transforming it into a state-of-the-art observation point.

Currently, in the initial assessment and planning stages, this extensive project is expected to cost hundreds of thousands. We are seeking engineers, architects, and builders with expertise in such structures. Your skills could play a crucial role in designing and building the new tower. This project will progress in phases, starting with architectural and engineering plans, leading to construction. Join us in creating a legacy that will captivate park visitors for generations to come.

Bald Cypress Tree Habitat Restoration

The history of Bald Cypress trees at Jonathan Dickinson State Park reflects both ecological loss and resilience. Once widespread across Southern Florida, aggressive logging by the 1940s had decimated these forests, leaving only hard-to-reach stands. Subsequent saltwater intrusion further endangered the remaining trees.

Today, we, along with the Friends of Jonathan Dickinson State Park, are dedicated to rejuvenating this vital habitat. Our goal is to restore 63 acres of Bald Cypress forest, relying on community involvement and donations. Your support fuels these efforts, helping us bring the Bald Cypress back to prominence in the park. Join us in this essential restoration to ensure these majestic trees flourish for future generations.

Goal: $6,300.00
Collected: $1,715.00

Kitching Creek Observation Deck Restoration

The Kitching Creek observation deck at Jonathan Dickinson State Park, once a prime spot for viewing the park’s diverse ecosystems, has suffered from erosion and natural wear. Positioned along a trail that winds through pine flatwoods and vibrant wildflower displays, the deck is essential for visitors eager to connect with the park’s wet flatwoods habitat.

A restoration project is now in progress to ensure the deck’s safety and accessibility. This initiative not only focuses on repairing the deck but also aims to enhance nearby trails and signage, enriching the overall visitor experience. Your contributions and volunteer efforts are critical in preserving this educational and scenic viewpoint, allowing us to keep it as a cherished gateway for exploring the natural wonders of the area.

Goal: $15,000.00
Collected: $0.00

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